Ulpiana, an ancient Roman city

Ulpiana was an ancient Roman city located in what is today Kosovo. It was also named Justiniana Secunda. Ulpiana is situated in the municipality of Lipljan. In 1955, under Resolution No.v.E.K.21/55, Ulpiana was added to the Archaeological Sites of Exceptional Importance list. Location Ulpiana lies in a fertile land, near the left bank of the river Gračanica where …

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Gračanica Serbian Orthodox monastery, Kosovo

Gračanica monastery

Gračanica (pronounced [ɡratʃǎnitsa]; Serbian: Манастир Грачаница, Manastir Gračanica) is a Serbian Orthodox monastery located in Kosovo. It was founded by the Serbian king Stefan Milutin in 1321. Gračanica Monastery was declared Monument of Culture of Exceptional Importance in 1990, and it is protected by Republic of Serbia, and on 13 July 2006 it was placed on …

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Gračanica Serbian Orthodox monastery, Kosovo

About Gracanica town

Gračanica or Graçanicë (Serbian Cyrillic: Грачаница, pronounced [ɡratʃǎnitsa], Albanian: Graçanicë) is a town and municipality in central Kosovo. It is a Serb enclave centered on the Gračanica monastery, located ten kilometers away from Pristina. The 1999 Kosovo War and its aftermath transformed Gračanica from a sleepy village into an administrative center serving the needs of the 75,000 Kosovo Serbs …

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